What will your child bring to the world?

Not all schools are the same. When you choose Rochester Montessori School you are deciding on an educational path that is fundamentally different. The power of the Montessori method is seen not only in scientific research but in the lives of our amazing graduates. 

Rochester Montessori School prepares individuals for life. Memorization and high test scores alone are not enough to guarantee a productive future for our children. Through the Montessori method, children develop independence, critical thinking, and deep respect towards self, others, and the environment. We keep alive the child’s innate thirst for learning and foster the discovery of each child’s unique gifts and capabilities. Our graduates consistently exhibit: 

  • High Executive Function: The uninterrupted work cycle develops a child’s ability for self-direction, self-control, planning, concentration and execution. 
  • Subject Mastery: Children are given the gift of time and individual learning to master each concept across academic disciplines. Children do not progress to more difficult work until the guide sees they are ready. 
  • Critical Thinking: Because the materials are uniquely built for children to self correct and discover the solutions on their own, Montessori children learn through independent, active problem solving.
  • Self-Confidence: The non-competitive and self-driven nature of Montessori work instills a sense of personal accomplishment and confidence in our students; they are eager and excited to take on big challenges and responsibility, within the school, and the world. 

The Montessori method, along with the International Baccalaureate framework in middle school, develops children and adolescents who are active participants in their education, with deep care and understanding for the world in which they live. Our vibrant and diverse community along with our 15 acre nature campus further sets us apart as an exceptional independent school.  At Rochester Montessori School we are cultivating children who forge a better world. 

I am so grateful to my incredible teachers at RMS for creating such an amazing, nurturing environment which fueled my love of learning. My experiences and the friendships at RMS made the transition into high school easy. Academically, I was more than prepared to take on advanced classes over the past few years, and interpersonally, I am able to communicate well with teachers and peers.
Madelyn Tung-Mabry
RMS Class of 2019, High School Class of 2023
“RMS provided a nurturing and caring environment with more one-on-one time with my teachers, allowing me to develop better interpersonal skills.”
Naomi Hogan
RMS Class of 2019, High School Class of 2023
“Rochester Montessori School provided me with the necessary skills to conquer High School. Rochester Montessori School is an extraordinary school; I loved the community, and style of teaching of Rochester Montessori. Rochester Montessori gives students opportunities that other schools can’t give.”
Calvin Grothey
RMS Class of 2019, High School Class of 2023
“For our children, Rochester Montessori School is much more than a school. It’s an extended family where they feel deeply connected to their peers and guides. As parents, we love the optimized learning and character building that Montessori supports.”
Paul Roach & Dr. Shannon Sheedy Roach

The Montessori Method Education for Life