Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Rochester Montessori School, located on a fifteen-acre campus, provides a Montessori education for children from toddlers through ninth grade. We offer the Internationale Baccalaureate Middle Years Program in grades six through eight. Our programs are further enhanced by classes in Spanish as well as instruction in music, art, and physical education. Children also participate in field experiences and service programs.

Application Fee ($100)

Admission to Rochester Montessori School begins with a tour of the school, a classroom observation, and submission of an admission application, and the nonrefundable application fee.


Tuition is paid in ten installments beginning in June and then for nine months, September through May respectively. Payments are collected through automatic withdrawal.



Half-Day Children’s House and Toddler Programs


Full-Day Children’s House, Kindergarten, and Toddler Programs


Elementary 1 and Elementary 2


Middle Years Program

Multiple-Child Discounts. The School offers a $500/year discount for the third child and $1,000/year for families with 4 or more children. To receive this discount, families must have at least one child enrolled in the Elementary Program. An exception to this is granted to families in the instance of multiple births other than twins (i.e., triplets, etc.)


Security Deposit

A one-time, non-transferable deposit is due when a child is enrolled into the School. The security deposit is returned when your child completes the school year. You may roll your security deposit over to the following school year if your child is continuing. Withdrawal of a child prior to the beginning of the school year or withdrawal of a child during the school year will result in forfeiture of the security deposit. Your security deposit will be returned, however, if the School recommends withdrawal of your child. Failure to pay the security deposit may result in loss of enrollment.


Family Activity Fee

This yearly fee is assessed per family and is due with annual fees. These funds support annual family activities such as a school celebration, a multicultural event, and the year-end picnic.


Building & Grounds Fee

The building fee is assessed per family to defer the costs associated with the building acquisition and is due with annual fees.


Elementary 1 Class Fee

Please note, there may be additional fees to support larger outings.


Elementary 2 Class Fee

Please note, there may be additional fees to support larger outings (i.e., Eagle Bluff).


Middle School Class Fee

Please note, there may be additional fees to support larger outings.


E1, E2, & Middle School Supply Fee

We take the responsibility of getting supplies for the year.


Additional Services

Early Arrival Program begins at 7:30 am


After Care Program Options:

After Care Option 1 begins at time of dismissal and ends at 4:30 pm


After School Studios

After Care Option 2 begins at time of dismissal and ends at 5:30 pm

*Additional charge for drop-in care


RMS offers a variety of After School Studios during the school year to enhance learning. Recent Studios have included foreign languages, the arts, robotics, dance, and music. Classes and fees are announced during the year, and information is available in the office.

Summer Programs

RMS summer programs are offered for eight weeks beginning the week after the regular school year ends and are available for current RMS families or alumni. Information and costs are generally available in the office in March.

Tuition Policies

Rochester Montessori Tuition Policies may be found in our Parent Handbook