After School Studios

We are excited to announce our 1st ever Late Fall Studio Offerings.  The studios will typically run November & December with some running into January.  We will have offerings provided by Youth Enrichment League and RMS Staff.  Please NOTE:

  • To register for the RMS Staff offered studio (see below), please email Michael directly at [email protected].
That Sounds Delicious
Elementary 2 and MYP
330-500 pm
Register: email Michael at [email protected]
Cost: $75
Starts 11/7, 5 classes
by: Nicole DeBurton, RMS
  • To register for Youth Enrichment League offered studios, please visit their website at  The attached flyer outlines the offerings through YEL.

NOTE: There are minimum registration requirements for each studio. If they are not met they will be canceled. 

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve the enrichment opportunities we offer our students.  If you are interested in providing after school enrichment activities or have ideas to share, please contact Michael Wridt, Program Director.



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