Additional Services

Please refer to the Tuition Page for Early Arrival Program and After Care Program Fees.

Early Arrival Program - 7:30-8:30am

Early Arrival is available to all age groups at our school. This is a relaxed indoor care program. Children may bring breakfast and eat at school if they arrive before 8am.

After Care Program Option 1 until 4:30pm or After Care Program Option 2 until 5:30pm

This is an afternoon care program where children can read, study, play games or use a variety of materials. Children will also enjoy daily time in the gym or outside. 

Drop-in Early Arrival Program and After Care Program

Early Arrival & After Care may be used on an as-needed basis provided there is space. These placements will only be assigned a maximum of two weeks in advance. This service is generally meant for a last-minute or emergency reason. There is an additional $5.00 charge per time used.

Registration for Early Arrival Program and After Care Program

Early Arrival & After Care are available on a contractual basis. Due to limited space in these programs, we accept registrations on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must reserve a consistent weekly schedule. Priority is given first to full week registration. Billing occurs via auto withdrawal on a monthly basis. Please note: you will be billed for this service whenever school is scheduled to be in session based on the RMS calendar, whether you use it or not. We require a two week notice to accommodate changes in your schedule.

Please direct questions to Michelle Merchant Operations Manager

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