Middle Years Program

DSC_3960 smaller.jpgWelcome to the RMS Middle School Classroom page!

Here you'll find out more about what students are working on in the Middle School classroom.  We are very proud to offer the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP), and have seen how it fosters deeper thinking, strategizing, finding solutions, and helps our students contribute positively to the world.  We are doing amazing things!

“The MYP provides a unique approach relevant for today’s global society," says Judith Fabian, Chief Academic Officer for the IB. "At the core of the MYP are contexts for learning that provide powerful opportunities to engage in issues that affect students today. MYP students develop skills they will apply during and beyond their MYP experience. Student learning focuses on taking one’s place in communities and acting in new contexts, on making informed choices about one’s own welfare, on how to interact with the world at large in virtual, natural, and built environments, and on considering the consequences of human thought and action.”

Click here to learn more about the MYP.

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