Student Information Packet

The RMS Student Information Packet includes forms for you to complete. We must have them here at school before your child can attend. In the chart below you will find the forms for your child's age group. If your child is returning, please select your child's age group beginning in September. Group specific instructions are included as well as a check list of all required forms.

For current Students:


Children's House

3 & 4 Year Old

Children's House


(grades 1-6)

Elementary 1 & 2

(grades 7 & 8)

Middle School

For students new to RMS:


New New New New

There are two options:

(1) Download each form, print each form, fill them in, and then bring them back to school or scan and email them back to school.

(2) Download each form, fill in each form on your computer, then either print each form and bring them to school or email the forms back to us. 


If your student is new to RMS in any of the grades Kindergarten through 8th, please fill out this request for student records.


Additional Services Registration Form:  This form is also included in the student information packets.  It is included here as a quick reference.


Email forms to [email protected] 

As always, we ask that you keep all forms together until you have completed the whole packet before returning them to the office. The only exception to this are families who need to make doctor's appointments to complete immunization records and required doctor's health care forms.

Please note – We will send additional information to you such as class supply lists and back to school programs as well as a PTSA Parent Volunteer form via email later in the summer.

Please direct questions to the Head of School or Receptionist, and thank you in advance for your timely return of these forms.

Medical Form to be filled out by Doctor for use of Inhalers, Epi-Pens, or other medications to be given during school hours

request for student records_1.pdf

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