The Slow Moving World of the Child

T he Slow Moving World of the Child

The world EVERYWHERE, INVARIABLY moves too fast for children to comprehend. Adults move too fast, and talk too fast for children to be able to imitate them successfully.

Yet our children try their very best, regardless of our pace.

The "magic" in a Montessori classroom happens when a teacher is able to synchronize the tempo of activity with the child's actual cognitive abilities.

The world of the child is slower than that of an adult because the child is not yet coordinated, and their logical thinking skills are not fully developed. When a child moves only as fast as he can a ctually navigate, there is no more tripping over his own feet. Spills are kept to a minimum. They begin to notice and observe their surroundings with heightened awareness. They have time to behave out of conscious choice, rather than simple stimulus and response.

This means going VERY SLOWLY, and it takes an almost monumental effort on the part of the teacher (because few things in "society at large" will support him or her.)

However, unless one supports this slower paced environment, they will never know the world of a child.


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