Faculty Bios

Meet our Faculty

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Administrative Staff

  • Michael Wridt, Head of School
  • Joan Lowery, Director of Business & Operations
  • Kristine Malone, Bookkeeper/Accountant
  • Kidron Flynn, Administrative Assistant
  • TBD, Additional Services Coordinator
  • Bre Scheer, MYP Coordintator
  • Andy Saunders, Elementary Coordinator
  • Kate Faruolo, Children's House/Toddler Coordinator
  • Craig LeVan, Technology Coordinator
  • Dane Lowery, Maintenance & Janitorial

Toddler Community Staff

  • Acorns Classroom
    • Rhonda Khan, Guide
    • Sally Johnson, Assistant
  • Pinecones Classroom
    • Melissa Martinez-Miland, Guide
    • Sarah Dennis, Assistant

Children's House Staff

  • Birches Classroom
    • ​Clarisse Colin-Hoag, Guide
    • Cecilia Aker, Guide
    • Debbie Lewis, Assistant
  • Cypress Classroom
    • ​Trisha Roeker, Guide
    • Kelly Shinn, Guide
    • Tina Xie, Assistant
  • Redwoods Classroom
    • ​Michelle Ebnet, Guide
    • Nikki Brown, Guide
    • Jessica Nelson, Assistant
  • Willows Classroom
    • ​Kate Faruolo, Guide
    • Sarah Streyle, Guide
    • Niniek Pranoto, Assistant

Elementary 1 Staff

  • E1 East Classroom
    • Ruby Gulati, Guide
    • Lisa Wridt, Assistant
  • E1 West Classroom
    • Andy Saunders, Guide
    • Anne Moberg, Assistant

Elementary 2 Staff

  • E2 East Classroom
    • Sarah Buhmann, Guide
    • Sharri Juhnke, Part-Time Assistant
  • E2 West Classroom
    • Mark Seifert, Guide
    • Rosalee Mickelberg, Guide

Middle School Staff

  • Greg Anderson, Guide
  • Bre Scheer, Guide


  • Nicole DeBurton, Environmental Education & MYP Spanish Guide
  • Maria Grazia Gualandi, Toddler-5th Spanish Guide
  • Beatrice Castellano, Toddler-5th Spanish Guide
  • Sharri Juhnke, Art & Librarian Guide
  • Nolan McMonagle, Physical Health Education Guide
  • Jackie Hoffman, Music/Band Guide
  • Diane Betzolt - Resource Guide

Additional Services

  • Laura Lawson, Day House, CH Before School Care & CH After School Care
  • Nolan McMonagle, E2 Before School Care
  • Diane Betzolt, E1 Before School Care
  • Debbie Lewis, CH After School Care
  • Sally Johnson, Toddler After School Care
  • Sarah Dennis, Toddler Before School Care
  • Greg Anderson, Middle School Before School Care
  • Jessica Nelson, E2, Middle School After School Care
  • Tina Xie, E1 After School Care
  • Niniek Pranato, Day House
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