Administrative Staff

Michael Wridt, Head of School

To effectively inspire and guide students, staff and the community, my values and principles have always been closely aligned with Montessori philosophy.  Leadership is a behavior, not a position.  The best way to influence and promote ownership in others, affect positive change and chase a future vision is by letting your actions speak louder than your words. What people see has a far greater impact than what people hear.  Leading also means making an impact.  You must understand your staff, their needs and how you can support them just as you would a child.  Forming collaborative environments where communication is open and respectful fosters innovation and engagement that impacts everyone.  Unity is   strength.   Everyone has a voice.  Everyone matters.  I am  excited to be apart of the wonderful Rochester Montessori School community.  Together WE can change the world. 

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Joan Lowery, Director of Business & Operations

Joan has worked as a Montessori Educator since 1991. She has attended the AMS Children's House Montessori Credential from the Center for Contemporary Montessori Programs at the college of St. Catherine's, and has earned an Early Childhood Certification and Nursing Assistant Certification from RCTC, and completed Orton-Gillingham teacher training at The Reading Center Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota. Joan serves as the Director of Additional Services and Summer School. She also manages purchasing, facilities, and staffing.

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Kristine Malone, Bookkeeper/Accountant

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Kidron Flynn, Administrative Assistant

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Craig LeVan, Technology Coordinator

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