Additional Services

Please refer to the 2017-2018 Tuition Schedule for Early Arrival and Late Pick Up Fees.

Early Arrival (EA):  7:30-8:30am

EA is available to all age groups at our school. This is a relaxed indoor care program in the Dayhouse environment. Toddlers will meet in the Toddler Activity Room. Children may bring breakfast and eat at school if they arrive before 8am.

Late Pick Up (LPU):  LPU 1 until 4:30pm or LPU 2 until 5:30pm

This is an after-school care program where children can read, study, play games or use a variety of materials. Children will also enjoy daily time in the gym or outside. Toddler LPU is held in the Toddler Activity Room. Children's House LPU is held in the Dayhouse and Elementary and Middle School LPU is in their own late pick up room.

Drop-in EA & LPU

EA & LPU may be used on an as-needed basis provided there is space. These placements will only be assigned a maximum of two weeks in advance. This service is generally meant for a last-minute or emergency reason. There is an additional $5.00 charge per time used.

Registration for EA & LPU

EA & LPU are available on a contractual basis. Due to limited space in these programs, we accept registrations on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must reserve a consistent weekly schedule. Priority is given first to full week registration. Billing occurs via auto withdrawal on a monthly basis. Please note: you will be billed for this service whenever school is scheduled to be in session based on the RMS calendar, whether you use it or not. We require a two week notice to accommodate changes in your schedule.

Click here for the Additional Services Registration Form or see the reception desk for a paper copy. Please direct questions to Joan Lowery Assistant Head of School.

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