“When the butterfly first emerges, it pumps its wings, over and over, moving essential fluids into the farthest nooks of its flight. The pumping is strenuous work for a newborn creature, and yet if a “helpful” human opens the butterfly’s wings for it, the butterfly will never learn to fly. It is in the careful observation, and the respectful distance from the butterfly’s work, that we are most supportive of its growth. When we intervene, when we act as though we understand more about this life than the life itself, we destroy it.

When we walk with an infant—helping the child by holding his hands above his head, carrying the child’s weight for him—the child is taught to walk dependently, to reach up toward his parents rather than out for himself. The child toddles longer and that inherent ability to balance is taught right out of him. When we walk by his side, he learns to walk with us, rather than to depend upon us for his movement.”

Excerpt From: Catherine McTamaney. “The Tao Of Montessori.” iBooks.



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